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Restriction on Dropping Database Links You cannot drop a database link in another user's schema, and you cannot qualify dblink with the name of a schema, because periods are permitted in names of database links. Therefore, Oracle Database interprets the entire name, such as ralph.linktosales, as the name of a database link in your schema rather. For example, you can create a table with pencils@stock as its name. When database link support is enabled, the @ character is treated as a special delimiter in table, view, and column references. If you want to use @ in database object names when link support is.

Read on to learn how to create an Oracle database link, as well as how to troubleshoot any potential errors. There are a number of reasons you may want to create database links. For example, you might want to link an Oracle database to a non-Oracle database, or you might want the data in a remote database to update when the local database updates. 25.08.2016 · how to create database link between two oracle instances in oracle 11g release 2 r2, how to linking databases in oracle 11g release 2 r2, database linking syntax, database link syntax oracle. Let's unwind that. First, I create a procedure in the anotherusers's schema; this procedure contains the CREATE DATABASE LINK statement that I want to run. When the procedure is executed, it runs as the owner of the procedure, such that the CREATE DATABASE LINK statement is executed by anotheruser. It should be CONNECT TO username not the database name as shown in the following image which describes the syntax of CREATE DATABASE LINK. We define database instance/service under USING connect_string clause. Prerequisites. To create a private database link, you must have the CREATE DATABASE LINK system privilege.

Create a database link with the new host:port/service syntax Tanel Poder 2012-03-05. I just noticed that finally in 11.2 this syntax is supported: SQL> CREATE DATABASE LINK demo_x2 2. 24.01.2011 · What Oracle version are we talking about? I'm creating all my database links using EZConnect, e.g. CREATE DATABASE LINK mydblink CONNECT TO system IDENTIFIED BY manager USING '//dbserver:1521/sid'; That should work on any 10g and 11g database. 09.12.2008 · DB LINK SYNTAX I do this: select count from I get this error: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied What is the exact syntax to specify username/password in the FROM clause. I don't think it is possible to share a database link between more than one user but not all. They are either private for one user only or public for all users. A good way around this is to create a view in SCHEMA_B that exposes the table you want to access through the database link. This will also give you good control over who is allowed. CREATE [SHARED][PUBLIC] DATABASE LINK link_name [CONNECT TO CURRENT_USER] [USING 'connect_string'] CREATE [SHARED][PUBLIC] DATABASE LINK link_name [CONNECT TO user IDENTIFIED BY password] [AUTHENTICATED BY user IDENTIFIED BY password] [USING 'connect_string'] Periods are allowed within a link_name so a dblink called MY.LINK is valid. If not.

To create the database links, for DBY1 the following works: create database link DBY1 connect to user1 identified by user1 using 'DB_Y1' / However the db link for DBY2 does not work if the format of creation used as above. I have to create it as: create database link DBY2 connect to user1 identified by user1. I can't find out how to use a database link using SYSDBA privilege; My goal is to display system information/stats from a standby Oracle database on a web page. I'm using Oracle APEX. Pages are computed from mod_plsql which runs from an Oracle DB so it is easy to display the result of this kind of query. Alternative: How to select from "shell. 10.07.2009 · To enable database link he tried to create entry in tnsnames.ora file but had a problem with insufficient permissions. As a developer he has limited privileges on Unix machines so he can't edit and save tnsnames.ora file. But there is solution for this little problem. You can create functional database link without editing tnsnames.ora file. 01.10.2007 · I created a db link named cab_dev for dev database, accessed from local database, then I'm granting as below: grant select on cab_dev to cab_user while cab_user is another user in same local database. System is giving me ora 942: table or view does not exist. If I create a table with same name as of database link, system is allowing me to grant.

How to Create Database Link Between Two.

If your database initialization parameters include GLOBAL_ NAMES=TRUE, then the database link name must be the same as the name of the remote instance you are connecting to. When the database link in the preceding query is used, Oracle will log into the database specified by the database link, using the username and password provided by the.

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